Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Allie Finkle: Chapter 2

I am still reading Allie Finkle. I love this book I think it is very Describing and has lots of details. It is very dramatic. There is not a single sentence so far that doesn't surprise me. They just kinda stand out and say BOOM!!!!!!!!! They describe the book so well it is like watching a movie. For example instead of saying " the house was really broken down and old." the author would say "The house was so old that when you walked the floor creaked, there was faded spots on the wall where paint had been peeled of." they were giving us a picture.What I also like about this book is Allie is giving ou tips along the way, like if she had just started talking about balloons then she would give you a tip about not letting balloons go in the air. So far I think this is a GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!

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  1. You have done a great job telling us your thoughts but I think you could explain more of your thoughts on what is happening in the book right now. Overall great job!