Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Allie Finkle: chapter 5 and 6

This book is getting more amazing as it go along. It seems like Allie is getting more exited instead of depressed about move. I love this book. It is so descriptive, you could read chapter 3 and 4 without reading one or two and know exactly what happened in the chapters before that without reading them because it is so descriptive. And  so far I haven't read any boring parts where you just don't feel like reading because the are all just blabbering on and on. There hasn't been of those parts so far, it just keeps me interested I am reading. This book makes me want to read. Most kids hate having to do reading every night and then have to write about it, but this book just makes me want to do more reading!!!!!

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  1. Good job. I think you should have said more about your thoughts but overall you did a great job!