Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Screamin in California Adventure

Screamin in California Adventure

Genevieve Gilham
5th period
I was about to get on, I was shaking with excitement, my face was red with exhilaration, my dad said " Are you nervous? " "yes" I said with a loud voice. Then they finally put us on the car after a 15 minute wait.I was shaking even more now it started. it started slow and then stopped. After about 1 minutes i heard out of the loudspeaker i heard " 5,4,3,2,1 go!"

We took of going so fast it made my face feel cold and it was 102 degrees outside.  My dad was smiling . as We went up a steep hill , i squinched my eyes closed so hard it hurt my nose. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I felt a drop then we started going even faster, it felt like a mile a minute. I felt a sharp turn, as we fell down the hill going even faster I started screaming so loud i couldn't scream any louder but it was fun. We went over a sharp turn and then went up another hill and went down again . Then my dad screamed" here comes the loop!" I screamed even harder then I felt my hair and hands go as i was upside down. After the loop another sharp turn and we went up another hill and dropped even more steep than the last one, another sharp turn then we came to sudden stop.

I finally opened my eyes and stopped screaming, I looked at my hands, turns out i was squeezing the handles so hard that I had fingerprints in my palms. My dad was laughing. I finally opened my eyes and stopped screaming and then I yelled " California Screamin was awesome!" " Can we do it again dad?" He said " yeah" then I said " this time I will keep my eyes open". So me and my dad did it 3 more times and it was even more fun with my eyes open. When I first got on the ride I was most worried about the upside down loop, but turns out the loop was the funnest part. After we did it so many times it got boring so we went to the " TOWER OF TERROR" and my dad was the one that freaked out on that one!

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