Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What he did

Dally's death was sadder than Johnny's because He did it because of johnny. He didn't love any thing else in life besides johnny so he thought there was no reason to be alive if Johnny wasn't because that was all he ever cared about and all he ever wanted to be safe and now that he was dead there was no point in being alive is what Dally thought. I think that is why it was sadder than Johnny's. Also because there was one person pony and ever one loved died and right after another person died. I  think Dally might have done it because there was point in being alive if Johnny wasn't. But also because maybe he wanted to be with Johnny. I think he robbed the store so he would run and purposely get shot by pulling out a gun on the cops. So iI think that he purposely got himself into that situation so he would die.

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