Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Charles the Baker who cheated

“Hey Charles, What happened?” asked the miller
“ i got beat up by the king's guards.” said Charles the Baker
“ Why? Tell me about your day.”
“I woke up in my cottage.I thought that today was going to be a good day. I got dressed and served my wife and kids with bread and butter. Then after I ate I started cooking more bread to sell. Within an hour I had one more loaf of bread to sell and no more wheat. SO i went to the miller and traded the bread for a pound of wheat.I went back and started cooking more. I thought to myself that, I am working so much, Getting paid so little, and i don't have enough customers.”
So I thought it wouldn't hurt to just add a little more yeast to the bread to make it look like more bread and have the customers pay more.I thought about it again and just said. “ It will only add a little more air to the bread.” “ So I did, I went and stole about 3 ounces of sawdust  and cheated, After a while,The customers were paying 3 times as much and thought they were getting 3 times as much bread. So I thought, So far it has worked out fine, so i will add a little bit more yeast. And the bread looked about 5 times bigger than its actual size.
About an hour later, some of the king's guards came in and wanted to inspect the bakery. I got really worried about if the found out that i was cheating because i would get a severe Punishment. They looked around and said the place looked fine.Then they wanted to buy some bread.  They wanted 10 loafs of bread. I said i only had 7 and that they would either half to wait or come back in an hour. They said they would wait. It had been about 30 minutes and the midwife came and started to complain. she was polite but she said the bread wasn't as filling as it normally was and she had paid extra for a bigger loaf. The guards got up and said’’ ‘ I am going to take another look around the bakery to be a little bit more careful. The other guard stood and watched my every move. After about 10 minutes He called the other guard in and called me in too. I thought OH NO as they showed me what they had found.
The guard said “ is this saw dust?” I gulped. I answered “maybe…” i was shaking. I was busted. They took me up to the king tied up. They said “ King Edward, How should we punish him.?” The King answered “ Well Charles the Baker, you have always been a nice person and you make wonderful bread. This is the only bad thing you have done that i can remember. So we will not give you the usual DEATH SENTENCE! instead….GUARDS BEAT HIM!!”  The guards dragged me out of the room and put me in a chamber with metal chains around my wrist. They left me. When they came back, They had a stick. After about an hour, They walked me back to the bakery with blood on my face and in my mouth and bruises and broken bones.
They dropped me off, took all the sawdust and told me they would come and watch me every day for a while to make sure I wasn’t cheating my paying customers. After they left i made and sold 6 natural loafs of bread. I went home. My wife and children had already heard about what happened. I told they kids to feed the cattle and go to bed. I went to be right after that. I woke up this morning with the feeling in my stomach that there was not going to be very many customers at the Bakery, but apparently not a lot of them heard about it.I made lots of bread and made lots of money.I have to take these 10 loafs of bread to the Manner. The said they would give me butter,Stew and wheat. So I have to go deliver it to them because i need the extra food. I have to bring extra bread because they said that there are some people visiting from the inn and they are willing to buy or trade some bread. They said that if I prefer money they want 3 loafs so they will give me 75 cents or if i want to trade they will give me Ale. So I will see you later Garret.”

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