Friday, March 11, 2016

Talking with Helen

Genevieve Gilham
period 4

Talking With Helen King

I interviewed my Landlord. I know it seems weird but she is very close to my  family and since all my grandparents and aunts either live very very far away or passed a while ago, she is the first one that popped into my mind. Her name is Helen King. She used to be our neighbor to but she got very old and decided to go to the retirement home on Marsh called “ The Mance on Marsh.”   So we went there right after her dinner and we went into a private room with very nice clean furniture. There were coffee table in the middle of the room with  plate of chocolate chunk cookies on it. Then there was a dresser on the right side of the room, but they used it as a stand for the coffee machine and lemonade. There was 4 recliners and a couch. My mom who was watching the interview sat on a recliner and so did Helen. Me and my brother, who was also watching, sat on the couch.
Helen King was Very skinny and short. Her hair was very thin and short, it was gray and she had it pulled back in a pony tail. SHe had very short bangs. She had very soft but wrinkly skin. She had no eyebrows so she filled it in with orange makeup. She had bluish grey eyes, but no eyelashes. Her ears were very large. About 4 or 5 inches long. Her voice was Quiet but pretty average. It was about the volume that most people have talks with her friends in, just a little quieter. It was a little rashy but not to much.

“ I did not have a very interesting or exciting childhood.” Helen says her family did not have very much money when she was a kid because of the depression. Her most vivid set of memories is when her family lived with her grandparents, She barely ever ate because of the food shortage and She did not go to school until she was 4, because she lived in Maricopa next to bakersfield, and there was no schools in that town. So at 4 her family moved to bakersfield.
“I did not get allowance every week, but once every few weeks, and when I did it was usually about 1 or 2 dollars for candy or something. Even though we did not have very much money or food, my parents like to give me a little treat every now and then.”

“ We did not eat much because of the food shortages. My family had about 1 meal a day. I knew we had bad in America with no food, but I was grateful because I knew they had it much much worse in Europe.” Her family had 1 meal per day. That was usually dinner. It got better after she had turned about 10. Her dad got a job driving school buses and they moved out of the grandmas home. After about 3 years of her dad driving school buses he became a mechanic, and made a lot more money.

“My Mama taught me how to drive, she was an amazing driver and I was proud to learn from her.” At the age of 16 Helen got her first car as a birthday present, it was a 1946 ford cooper and she says it was the best gifted she had ever received in her life.
She and her family moved back in with her grandparents when she was about 17 just to save money, but she got married not long after they moved back into the grandparents house.
When I was done interviewing her, We talked about personal family stuff. About her sons, and how she is loving it at “ The Mance on Marsh.” and she knows that the will not kick her out because she is the only one who pays the only 2,700$ bill on time. and they love how she plays piano every night at the dinner as entertainment. Then we said our good-byes and went home.

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