Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yes, the movie respects the book

The Book is always better than the movie, because the book is the original. But in the Giver the movie is just as good as the book. I know there are some changes but sometimes changes have to be made for it to make sense or for people to feel comfortable. But even though there are some changes that differs the movie from the book, the movie is still the Giver. There are just some small changes. None of them changed the original story out of proportion. The directors just did what they needed to to make the movie with everyone feeling comfortable. The movie still represents and respects the book very well despite the changes.
For example, Asher in the book is a recreational director but after the part of them playing war and Jonas getting the memory he is not really mentioned again. But in the movie he is a drone pilot. Also in the movie they are 16 so they are not running around playing war. So since they took that “scene” out they had to make up the time so they used Asher as a drone pilot in the end and added in the scene of Asher finding Jonas and pretending to kill him but really dropping him in a river. So since they couldn't put the “war game” scene in the movie, the replaced it with the scene of Asher finding Jonas and dropping him in the canal. Another example is changing the age from 12 to 16.
 I think they just did this to make it more realistic. It's quite interesting for a 12 year old to run away and do all this crazy stuff, it just is more appropriate and mature if it is 16 year olds. So I think that the Movie respects the book even with its changes because they couldn't have made the movie without making those small changes.
Even though the original is always the best, this movie helps people get a visual of what the characters are actually experiencing. It gives them a good idea of what Jonas and the Giver were thinking in the book. Even though there are changes it still shows the main idea of the book. It still gives you the same feeling that you want to keep reading/watching, and it still has all the same feelings that Jonas gets from the memories. So it does not change the point or idea of the story it just changes some scenes.
So in conclusion, the movie respects the book very much because it does not change the idea of the story, it just makes the changes they have to make everyone in the movie feel comfortable and to make more mature. It also makes changes to help the people watching the movie be able to visualize it more. They make it so you can feel the rush coming from Jonas and The Giver. Both the book and the movie are very good, and still gives you the same feeling to make you want to keep going.

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